Dr. Cody "Swamp" Thompson

Dr. Swamp Thompson got his start in music at a young age, studying piano until switching to guitar around age 14. He went on to the University of Guelph for a degree in Environmental Engineering where he met his first band-mates and formed Willow Smoke. After a small stint in Australia with The Note Troll, he returned to complete a M.Sc in Mathematical Apiculture (math for honeybees) and a PhD in Controlled Environment Agriculture (plants in outer space). 

During this journey, the good Dr. faced many life challenges and music is the natural outlet for heavy mental baggage. Dr. Swamp and The Note Troll joined forces to create an album infused with raw-emotion, heavy blues-rock vibes, and quality scotch. The success of this project continues to grow and draw in new collaborators. Nowadays, Swampy is spending his time designing custom indoor plant-farms and control systems for the brewing and cannabis industries. 


Josh "The Note Troll" Maitland

The Note Troll is a professional Water Resource / Audio Engineer and musician who currently hails from the peaks and shores of southern Georgian Bay, but grew up playing grunge and punk rock guitar in Kingston, Ontario. Josh’s unbridled enthusiasm is a driving force of the music making collective that is S&TNT.

Currently The Note Troll is slaying away in the studio, as Red Room Recordings has moved to a pro-level space in Thornburry Ontario. In between tracks for local folk, blues, and indie musicisans he has been mixing tracks for legends in the underground hip-hop scenes of Brooklyn and Washington. 

Troll Profile


Bambalam is not only the band Shaman, the spiritual grounding-rod of goodness and well-being for us all, but has a music-resume that could make most fanatics cry. Resigning his job as an A&R rep for Capital Records in the 70’s to tour the world with Ras Micheal, Isaac Hayes, and Body Count (wtf!?) Bam eventually retired to Thornbury Ontario. He joined our collective focused on shattering preconceptions and re-awakening the people to the love and joy that is music. Bam found us in Fall 2013 during the production phase of Mandatory Minimums, and has been plotting our course to the stars ever since!

Bam currently is heading up operations at a private ski club in the Blue Mountains where he rocks the slopes and spreads his magic to the people. 


Sean Ratcliffe

Sean “O-Mite” Ratcliffe is the young-blood of S&TNT. Sean brings his soul steeped in jazz to our dirty, dirty table. This cat elevates the swampy vibe into psychedelic hyperspace and adds the much-needed energy of youth to the collective… sort of like a puppy! Sean first crossed paths with Dr. Swamp whilst working as a summer intern at the space-hydroponics lab in Spring 2015 and readily hopped on board the Swamp Wagon!

Currently Sean is working on his Masters degree at the University of Guelph specializing in trans-genic plant production systems. 

In The Zone

Kelly Badger

Kelly  Badger is the son of Bass Player, Vocalist, and Guitar player of the legendary Scenics! He has spent his life drumming in various bands and on various things. K-Bad joined the team in Fall 2015 and things will never be the same! Kelly brings his wealth of talent, experience and positivity to our projects pushing us UP AND OUT!!

Currently Kelly is working as a 911 dispatch operator taking our most important calls in our times of dearest need… Can’t imagine anyone better to talk to in such circumstances. 


Mark Henry

Mark studied Music Industry Arts at Fanshawe College and has been passionate about music and recording since high school.

He is a guitar player at heart, but never passed on the opportunity to rock the bass. Strongly influenced by blues-rock, Mark recently joined STNT, and brings his strong rhythmic sense and solid bass lines to the group.

Mark works as a CAD designer/CNC programmer in the HVAC industry and is proud to call Guelph his hometown.